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Vegetable Fruit Blanching Machine

1 The mesh belt type continuous vegetable blanching machine is suitable for blanching or boiling all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, pasta, dairy products etc.The machine can greatly improve the products quality and reduce the cost in the producing process,which make your products more competitive in the market.

2 The machine body is made of good quality SUS304 , durable, fully meet the standards of food hygiene.

3 All the process can be finished automaticly through mesh belt.The frequency conversion mesh belt realize the feeding,soaking,blanchine and discharging process can work continously without interruption.It has the advantages of low labor intensity, high efficiency, easy operation, labor saving etc.

4.Regarding the heating parts,temperature is optionally set and automaticly controlled according to the different material.

5.For heat source,there are steam heating, electric heating, heat conduction oil furnace heating way for customerchoice.

Customized based on customer processing material and capacity

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