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Dates Dry Cleaning Line

The Dates dry cleaning line is mainly used for removong the surface dust and defects of dried dates and polishing dates,especialy for middle east dates palm.It is composed of elevator,primary dry cleaning and secondly dry cleaning and polishing machine.

●  Complete food grade SUS304 stainless steel
●  Famous brands electric appliancces control parts
● Composed of elevator,primary cleaning and secondly cleaning and polish
●  Special PBT soft brush roller without damage to dates, durable and environmentally friendly
●  Reasonable design can efficiently avoid material block
●  Freely Adjustable speed satisfy different requirment
● High pressure fan can make dates dry after dripping water or oil in case of go bad
●  Various Electrical Voltage can be customized made

Model Elevator Primary Cleaning Secondly Cleaning
Capacity                        1Ton/h
Processing Objects Dried Dates or half dried dates
Brush Roller length   1500mm 2200mm
Dimension 2000*600*1600mm 2225*870*1700mm 3000*600*800mm
Power 0.55Kw 1.5Kw 1.5Kw
Other specification can be customized based on customer special requirment.

Dates Cleaning Machine

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