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Potato Carrot Washing Machine

This Brush Roller Potato Carrot Washing Machine is suitable for washing root based vegetables completely,such as potato,carrot,cassava,turnip,taro,sweet potato,gingeretc.

●  Adopting brush roller washing principle,the brush roller make the vegetables rolling
●  The unique PBT brush rollers is durable and environmentally friendly.
●  complete food grade SUS304,durable and up to international food grade.
● High Output
● Low waste rate and water saving
● Easy to operate and maintain

Model Power Output Dimension Weight
TBQT300 1.1kw 300kg/h 1400*850*900mm 210kg
TBQT800 1.5Kw 800kg/h 1700*850*900mm 260Kg
TBQT1200 1.5Kw 1200kg.h 2100*850*900mm 300Kg
TBQT1500 2.2Kw 1500kg/h 2400*850*900mm 380Kg
TBQT1800 3Kw 1800kg/h 270*850*900mm 400kg
TBQT2000 3Kw 2000kg/h 2900*850*900mm 460Kg
TBQT3000 4Kw 3000kg/h 2950*950*950mm 560Kg
TBQT4000 4Kw 4000kg/h 2950*1285*1150mm 600Kg
TBQT5000 5Kw 5000kg/h 3050*1285*1150mm 700Kg

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