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Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine(Medium Capacity)

The Vegetable Fruit Washing Machine is used for washing vegetables and fruits in medium scale production.

●  Complete food grade SUS304 stainless steel
●  Famous brand electric appliances control parts;
●  Imitating manual washing principle with air bubble
●  High Pressure Spray Valves above pool wash vegetables from top
●  Spray Valve of the lifting section secondary washing with clean water. 
●  Washed vegetables automaticly lifted to next process step or container
●  Frequency converter adjusting conveying speed freely
●  The design of Separate auxiliary tank is easy for transport and good for water circulation
●  Ozone Generator to disinfect and sterilize (OPTIONAL)
● Water circulation device is installed to save water(OPTIONAL)
●  Various Electrical Voltage can be customized made 

Model Length Mesh belt width Material
QX-4-800 4000mm 800mm  
   SUS304 stainless steel
QX-5-800 5000mm 800mm
QX-5-1000 5000mm 1000mm
QX-6-1000 6000mm 1000mm
QX-7-1000 7000mm 1000mm
The above models is just the regular model for your reference,customized machine can also be made based on special requirment.

In order to choose proper machine,Please kindly tell us your exact requirment below so that we will give you proper design and related quotation.
●  What kind vegetables do you want to wash,whole or cut?
●  What is your expected production capacity, kgs/h and kgs/day?
● What is your next process after washing?

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