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Emery Roller Cassava Taro Peeling Machine

TAIBO brand cassava peeling machine industrial adopt brush cleaning principle,It is used for washing and peeling potato,carrot,turnip,beet,cassava,taro,kiwi fruit,lotus root etc.

The machine can use all brush rollers or both brush rollers and emery rollers,emery rollers is mainly used for peeling hard skin,such as cassava,taro etc.

The machine has the features of beautiful apperance,easy to operate,high output,low waste.



 Industrial Cassava Peeling Machine body and screw is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel.

 End Plate bearing roller shaft is 6mm SUS304,which prolong bearing ,chain,motor and reducer lifetime.

 Unique Discharge Hole can ensure potato completely discharged.

• Brushes is made of durable food grade PBT,the brush style can be specific designed based on processed material.Emery roller is special manufactured,durable and environmental.

• Brush roller inner shaft/spindle and spindle head is made of stainless steel

•  Bearing and bearing seat is made of SUS304 stainless steel,which Greatly extended machine service life.

• Motor with reducer,which increase torque and prolong lifetime.

 Gear driving avoid belt slip in humid working environment.

• scientific design of brush roller layout and discharge hole structure,which ensure change or dischargebrush roller is very easy.

 Two line SUS304 stainless steel spray tube with valve,valve and tube is easy to lift and discharge.

 With durable wheels,easy to move.

Model Power Output Dimension Weight
TBQT300 1.1kw 300kg/h 1400*850*900mm 300kg
TBQT800 1.5Kw 800kg/h 1700*850*900mm 360Kg
TBQT1200 1.5Kw 1200kg.h 2100*850*900mm 390Kg
TBQT1500 2.2Kw 1500kg/h 2400*850*900mm 420Kg
TBQT1800 3Kw 1800kg/h 270*850*900mm 450kg
TBQT2000 3Kw 2000kg/h 2900*850*900mm 490Kg
TBQT3000 4Kw 3000kg/h 2950*950*950mm 590Kg
TBQT4000 4Kw 4000kg/h 2950*1285*1150mm 650Kg
TBQT5000 5Kw 5000kg/h 3050*1285*1150mm 900Kg


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