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Nut Roasting Cooling Line

Nut Roasting Cooling Line is used for roasting,drying and cooling peanut,Cashew nut,apricot kernel,pistachio,broad bean,sunflower seed,melon seed,coffee bean as well as other nut and bean based material.

1. The nuts are directly heated through heat radiation and  air convection,which guarantee the high quality and taste of roasted products.
2. Fast temperature raising,good themal insulation properties,stable performance,Low power consumption.
3. Automatic connected,labour saving.
4. Made of stainless steel,safe and durable,conforming to food processing standard.
5. Heat source:electricity,gas(natural gas or liquefied gas),fire coal etc.
6. Equiped with automatic temperature control unit,the temperature is adjusted 0℃-300℃.
7.The cooling Section adopts cooling blower with natural air,no damage to material.

Designed based on capacity.

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