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Continuous Nut Roasting Machine

Continuous Nut Roasting Machine is used for roasting or drying peanut,Cashew nut,apricot kernel,pistachio, sunflower seed,melon seed, broad bean,coffee bean as well as cut nut.

1.Automatic and continuous feeding and discharging,high automation.
2.Adjustable high temperature resisting stainless steel,meeting the need of processing different material.
3. Low percentage of damage and no pollution.
4. Equiped with automatic temperature control unit,the temperature is adjusted 0℃-160℃.
5. Heat source: electricity,gas(natural gas or liquefied gas),fire coal etc.

Please kindly provide below info so that we will make the proper design based on your exact requirment.
1.Whta material do you want to process,whole or cut?
2.Water content of material before and after roasting?
3.What heat source do you want,electricity,gas,fire coal or others?
4.What capacity do you want--how many kgs/h and how many kgs/day?

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