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Peanut Sheller Machine

The peanut sheller machine/peanut huller is used for removing the peanut shell.

Working Principle:
Feeding peanut to the bucket,the running roller break the peanut,the finished products will be discharged for outlet,the unhulled material will be discharged from defective outlet.
1.Low breakage of peanut kernel
2.High hulling rate
3.Good separation of peanut kernel and hull
4.Good colour of peanut kernel
5.Low failure rate
6.Easy to use and maintain

Model Capacity Power Dimension
TKH-700 500-700kg/h 3Kw 1350x700x1700mm
TKH-1500 1000-1500kg/h 4Kw 1450x800x1850mm

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