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Apricot Peanut Kernel Peeling Machine

Apricot Peanut peeling machine is used for peeling apricot kernel and peanut kernel after blanched in hot water.

Blanching the apricot or peanut in hot water 5 minutes,then feeding them to the machine hopper,the rotating rollers will remove the skin,and the spray valve in the rotating wheels will wash out the skin stick to rollers.
1.Wet Peeling
2.The material should be blanched in 95 degree hot water 5 mintes before peeling.
3.The rotating wheels are equiped with spray valve which can connect water pipe,washing out the peanut skin stick to roller.
4.High peeling rate.
3.Easy to operate and maintain.

Model Capacity Peeling Rate Power Dimension Peeling Way
TST-150 150-170kg/h 96% 0.75Kw 1100*660*1050mm Wet Peeling
TST-200 200-250kg/h 96% 0.75Kw 1100*760*1050mm Wet Peeling

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