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Garlic Separator

The garlic separator/garlic breaking machine is used for seararing garlic bulb into garlic cloves.

Working Principle
The garlic separator adopt the speed difference kneading principle.use elastic rubber as the roller,equiped with high performance speed reducer and chain wheel transmission system.
The Roller clearance can be freely adjusted according to garlic bulb size,three-level kneading process ensure the sepearting ratio is above 95%.There is also fan system to remove the garlic skin and foreigh matter.

High seperating rate
No damage to the garlic clove
Suitable for various garlic bulb of different size
Coodinating with garlic peeler can achieve better effect.
High output
Easy to operate and maintain

Model TSB400
Output 400kg/h
Power 0.75Kw
Dimension 680*710*960mm
Weight 100Kg

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