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Potato Peeler

The TP series potato peeler is sutable for peeling round vegetables and fruits,such as potato,sweet potato,taro,kiwi fruit etc.

●  Adopting Emery Friction and Centrifugal Principle
●  Compact structure,saving space
●  suitable for small processing unit
● High peeling rate
● Easy to operate and maintain

Model Output Dimension Weight Power
TP10 10kg/3min/batch 660*400*380mm 60Kg 0.55Kw
TP25 25Kg/3min/batch 760*500*980mm 70Kg 0.75Kw
TP30 30Kg/3min/batch 750*680*900mm 90Kg 1.1Kw
TP60 60-80kg/5min/batch 880*960*1000mm 160Kg 1.5Kw

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