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Continuous Tunnel Dryer

The belt dryer is a continuous drying equipment for large scale production,it is suitable for good permeability material of  slices,sticks,blocks,granule.It is the best choice for dehydrated vegetables,dried fruits, and Chinese Herbal Medicine,which contain much water and the drying temperature could not high.
Working Principle
 Continuous tunnel dryer is composed by several separate units,each unit includes circulation fan,heater,separate fresh air supply system and exhaust system.The medium quatiy,temperature,humidity and exhaust system of each unit can be automaticly controlled,so that the working reliability and good operation condition can be ensured.
● Suitable for good permeability material of slices,sticks,blocks,granule,which contain much water and the drying temperature could not high.
● Continuousl drying
● composed by several separate units
● Each separate unit can be automatic control
● The length,width,quatity of lays of mesh best is customized made based on material.
● Heat source can be steam,heat conductive oil,electrical,hot water etc.

Model DW Series
Belt Length Customized made
Belt Width Customized made
Quatity of Layer Customized made
Voltage 3 phase, 220V/380V/415V
Heat Source Steam,heat conductive oil,electrical,Hot water

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