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Dough Divider Rounder

MG65 dough divider rounder /Chinese Bread Maker is used for dividing dough(mixed by wheaten flour、water and additives) into dough ball through process of conveying,cutting and rounding.The finished dough ball can be used for making steamed Chinese bread,Pita bread,Chapati,Tortilla etc.

Working Principle
After motor is started,feeding the prepared dough to bucket,the dough is squeezed and conveyed to dough conveying shell by screw leaves,then go through nozzle under the action of screw propeller and cut into small dough by blade of upper and down  rollers and rolled in the slod of roller,after well finished,the dough ball will fall automaticly.The dough ball weight is changed by adjusting the handle.
Good forming effect,smooth surface
Finished product is standard dough ball
Special processed forming roller is non-stick
Save time and cost,improve working efficiency
Easy to operate and maintain

Dough Ball Weight:65-210g/pc
Water ratio:1Kg wheaten flour with 350g-500g water
NO. 500g flour can make dough ball  Dough Ball weight
Dough Ball Diameter Capacity
NO.1 3pcs 200-210 65mm <=65
NO.2 4pcs 165-175 60mm <=65
NO.3 5pcs 135-145 55mm <=65
NO.4 6pcs 110-120 52mm <=65
NO.5 7pcs 95-105 45mm <=65
NO.6 8pcs 80-90 45mm <=65
NO.7 9pcs 70-80 44mm <=65
NO.8 10pcs 65-75 43mm <=65
Remarks Please choose the proper model according to the dough ball size that you want to make.

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