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Dough Divider

MF60 dough divider is used for dividing dough(mixed by wheaten flour、water and additives) into small pieces.The finished dough ball can be used for making dumpling sheet ,wonton sheet,spring roll sheet,chapati,toritilla,roti etc.

Working Principle
 After motor is started,feeding the prepared dough to bucket,the dough is squeezed and conveyed to nozzle under the action of screw propeller and cut into flat round dough by blade.The dough ball weight is changed by adjusting the speed governor.
Machine body is made of stainless steel,up to international food standard
Compact structure,save space
Dough size 5-50g adjustable
Automaticly dividing,complete and non-stick
Finished product is flat round shape

Model MF60
Capacity 60-80 pcs/min
Dough Weight 5-100g/pc
Power 0.75Kw
Dimension 800*320*580mm
Weight 90kg

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