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Dough Divider

MF2 dough divider is used to cut dough,date paste,sweet bean paste etc.into cylinder shape.The finished product can be used to make Pita bread,chapati,tortilla,steamed bun,dessert etc.

Working Principle
 After motor is started,feeding the prepared dough to bucket,the dough is squeezed and conveyed to nozzle under the action of screw propeller and cut into cylinder by blade.The dough ball weight is changed by adjusting the photoelectric switch.
Photoelectric switch control the dough length
Four Forming Nozzle easily cut 5-300g dough
microcomputer integrated board control system,precisely dividing
High outout,100-160pcs/min
Food grade Nylon and stainless steel screw propeller for choice
Non-stick material and advanced dough conveying technology can divide any dough and other material such as date paste,sweet bean paste,sweet paste etc.
No material left in the dough bucket
Equiped with automatic dough feeding device,no need air compressor

Model MF2
Dimension 750*650*1200mm
Weight 95Kg
Power 1.2Kw
Dough Size 5-500g/pc
Capacity 100-160pcs/min
Conveyor Belt 1000*18mm
Material feeding method automatic
application Dough,cheese,meat paste,date paste,sweet bean paste etc.

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