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Centrifugal Vegetable Dehydrator

The centrifugal vegetable dehydrator is used for removing the surface water drop of material after washed so as to conveniently process of next step.Such as leafy vegetables and cut potato chips and french fries.

Working Principle
The centrifugal vegetable dehydrator adopt centrifugal principle to get rid of surface water drop of washed vegetables.
Adopt centrifugal principle
Digital automatic control system
Quakeproof system ensure stable operation
No damage to material

Model Power Capacity
Inside Basket size Dimension
TS400 0.75Kw 5-8kg Ф400×300mm 900*500*740mm
TS500 1.1Kw 8-10kg Ф500×360mm 1060*600*800mm
TS600 1.5Kw 15-20kg Ф600×400mm 1200*700*900mm
TS700 1.5Kw 25-30kg Ф700×450mm 1250*760*930mm
TS800 2.2Kw 35-40kg ф800×490mm 1300×820×1000mm

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