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Dehydrator line

The Dehydrating Line is used for removing the surface water drop of material after washed so as to conveniently process of next step.Such as vegetables,,fruits,food packing bags etc.

Working Principle:
The Dehydrator adopts high pressure low noise blower,the air flow caused by blower spray to material surface through nozzle.The design of multiple tumble conveying and reverse air make the material completely dryed ,in case of dead angle.The finished material is conveyed to next processing step by conveyor belt.
●  Adopt high pressure blower principle,natural and hot air is optional as per material
●  Natural air efficiently protect the colour and quality of material
●  Hot air is suitable for heat-resistant and need dryed material
●  Freely Adjustable speed satisfy various material
●  The design of multiple tumble conveying and reverse air avoid dead angle
●  Complete food grade SUS304 stainless steel
●  Famous brands electric appliancces control parts

Model Length Conveyor Width Material
TS-3-600 3000mm 600mm  
TS-3-800 3000mm 800mm
TS-4-800 4000mm 800mm
TS-4-1000 4000mm 1000mm
TS-5-800 5000mm 800mm
TS-5-1000 5000mm 1000mm
TS-6-1000 6000mm 1000mm
TS-7-1000 7000mm 1000mm
TS-8-1000 8000mm 1000mm
TS-8-1200 8000mm 1200mm
TS-9-1000 9000mm 1000mm
TS-9-1200 9000mm 1200mm
TS-10-1000 10000mm 1000mm
TS-10-1200 10000mm 1200mm
TS-10-1500 10000mm 1500mm
The above models is just the regular model for your reference,We will Make the proper design based on customer requirmen

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