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Vegetable Fruit Slicing Machine(Round slices)

The vegetable Fruit Slicer is used for slicing root based vegetables and fruits into uniform round slices.

Such as cassava,cucumber,sweet potato,turnip,carrot,lotus root,eggplant,onion,potato,tomato apple,lemon,kiwifruit,banana etc.
●  Feeder Size and quatity can be customized
●   Slices without damage to the edge and fibre
●  Slices is standard round shape
●  High efficiency
●  Wide range of application
●  Low failure rate

Model TB-50
Capacity 500-1000kg/hr
Thickness of slice 1-12mm,it can be adjusted
Feeder size Customized as per material size
Power 1.5Kw
Dimension 1000*670*1020mm
Net weight 100kg

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